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Just too excited

How I am feeling…  excited, but a bit crazed!  source:google images


I just started the Alt For Everyone series yesterday and have to say how glad I am to have signed up, even though I am such a freshman (preschooler even) compared to everyone else in attendance.  Well, I need SOMEONE to look up to and SOMETHING to strive towards, so why not play with the big boys and see how I can learn, if not keep up?  Yesterday I learned how to stay organized and how to style nice original photos.  Today I got good tips and networked with some great bloggers I admire at the 8am meet up.It is amazing what happens to a person when an interest is piqued and the fuel to turn it from thought to action starts to kick in.  I sometimes think that all of the ideas and possibilities that go through my head are occasionally to my detriment.   In starting a new plan for my blog, I sit on the couch with my pencils, notebook, and calendar.  I start reading through the notes I’ve taken and email addresses of bloggers I would love to get in touch with and some ideas I have and questions for collaboration.

I start clicking through the blogosphere and remember my husband wants crispy tilapia for dinner tonight, not just browned from the broiler.  Hey, if this means he’ll eat fish, I’ll make it crispy.  After finding a suitable recipe, I go through the pantry to start a list for what more I might need, and then I think about looking in my closet for the scarf I want to wear to dinner tomorrow night before I forget, then see the color on a random shirt that reminds me of a sock, whose pattern brings back the memory of some ribbon that I know I have hiding somewhere in a special box, kept under a pile of card stock behind my unopened glitter collection in the back of my husband’s closet (of course I don’t have space in mine).  Some stamps are then unearthed, and then I look for some new ink pads I stuck in a drawer, then write a post-it to go back to Paper Source to exchange the unused rose for harbor, then start to look for the receipt and then remember the card I have yet to make and attach to the gift I haven’t wrapped yet because I can’t decide on how I want to design the packaging for my friend’s daughter who I will see next week in Austin, so why don’t I just make that card instead for my cousin’s birthday on Monday since I am already knee deep in paper… but wait, where are my envelope lining templates, and that printed out picture from our London vacation last fall that I promised to send him?   Oh, I still have to download the group shot from our visit last weekend at A’s new house and email that to her first…..

I think of this, that and the other, only to become overwhelmed, scattered, and a bit crazed, and nothing but a good rest on the couch will do to help me recover.    Oh…. it’s 10:40am, there goes my alarm.  Time to learn how to make an iMovie.  Yeah… I have no idea how this will relate to any of my current abilities, or my blog’s content, but why not?

Wait… maybe I am a preschooler.  I do have a long way to go.


  1. I think you just stepped into my mind. Like took the thoughts and the actions of my days and summed it into one paragraph.

    The conference sounds cool!! I'm going to look into it a bit more. Hadn't heard of the online one before.

  2. Your excitement is abundant and obvious in the 3rd sentence of the 3rd paragraph. How I wish to be able to construct a run-on, compound sentence as coherent and as involved as that!

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