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Finding My People

Today as I was heading home, I had the great fortune of running into Ms. Mint. She is someone I have always liked and known for three years through work, but more recently became friends with after a casual instance of small talk one evening revealed we had an important interest in common.  I mean, is there really any other way to make an instant connection than that?  Since we hadn’t seen each other in several weeks, we caught up as quickly as five minutes would allow this afternoon, and talked about getting together next week before parting ways.  I immediately felt really really happy.  I remembered meeting certain other friends for the first time, and how some needed a definite warming up period before hand, while others were straight up laughter, confetti, and banana splits from day one (mutually felt of course).  It’s that synergy that occurs when we find our ‘people’.  So I dedicate today’s Be Happy blog hop to the power of instant connection.
As I am writing, editing and rewriting this post, I am starting to see that with the way of modern socialization,  this delightful phenomenon goes the same way for bloggers.  I never thought it was possible to actually connect with people through the internet in the same way as one would a live person without appearing desperate, creepy and stalker like.  (That is still a total possibility, and am sure does happen out there, but I would hope more positive relationships form than scary ones.)   I am expanding my perspective of what blogging means. Though I already adore the blogosphere, I had always seen it solely as a venue for other people to showcase incredible talent and share their ideas with an audience.  To me, it was a high tech magazine to browse through and turn off when I was done.  They are there, I am here.  Period.  I became interested in blogging so that I would have a place to write on my own terms, with no judgement, even if nobody reads this.  It is only now that I am seeing how one really can connect with another person through blogging, and being an active participant in this virtual, but very real world.  Where else can my different interests be so specified and narrowed down until I find those other gals who think, feel and dream JUST LIKE ME when it comes to the extremely varied parts of my life and compartments of my brain to which I seriously thought nobody else had the key?
I may prefer to live my life off line, but being able to find ‘my people’ out here,  livin’ it up, shaking things up, and making FUN and creativity happen in their lives, makes me nothing but happy.


  1. My favorite thing about this link-up that I'm doing in May is meeting other bloggers. I've heard so much about the community but never really jumped in, and in just 8 days I've made a great friend (or who I think will be a great friend) and a few other awesome ones that I totally connect with. The networking is such a fun part when you really get into it!!

  2. Hi Christina! Thanks for sharing that! I love hearing that there really is a sisterhood out there, as long as one is open and sincere in her blog life. Now that's something I can totally get on board with! I will definitely be seeing you around 😉

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