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It Could Certainly Be Worse

The day did not start off well.  After only six hours of sleep, I crawled out of bed just in the nick of time to make my lunch, dress for rain, and pack for yoga right after work.  Sadly, Boyfriend had to leave for work before I was able to get up and give him a proper kiss goodbye, though he did give me a bye bye snuggle while I was still half asleep.  I forgot to take my thyroid medication and daily vitamins, and missed the work shuttle and my two fallback buses literally by two seconds each.   My reusable water bottle was left in the post office last Friday, so I arrived at work parched and frazzled.  I was not the only one having an ‘off’ morning.  It was in the air at work.  Teachers were irritable.  The children were cranky.  I could feel the stress frequency pulsing through the halls.  Already, this qualified as a classic Chocolate Cake Day, like I wrote about some time ago here.
Frankly, I couldn’t wait for the day to end as soon as it began.
As I left work six hours later, of course the shuttle going home pulled up to the stop one minute early.  I then realized half way into my hopeful sprint towards the packed vehicle with wellies and a thick raincoat balancing in my arms that I had left my yoga mat in the supply closet.   “This is not the way to begin my zen evening,”  I blurted out when I re-entered the center a few seconds later.
At my new yoga class, the small studio boasts of their “wonderful floor to ceiling windows in a bright and sunny space.”  One word that kept monkeying around in my mind the ENTIRE session:  hyperpigmentation.
Now I know it could certainly be worse.  There are plenty of great things that happened today too, but this is just one of those days when I am having a very hard time recalling them.  So what I will leave you with tonight is this, a list of five sure fire ways to turn my frown upside down – at least for tonight.  I don’t need to make any effort enjoying this list.  No shoes to put on or plans to make.  Just ready for reading or watching and I am all set.    Here we go:
1.  J’adore, Will & Grace.  They are amusing to me in every way, with the fine combo of clever lines and physical comedy.  Thank goodness it’s on every morning so it is easy to get my fix (although I record it on DVR regularly to bust out in times of need like tonight).

2.  Finding really delicious recipes.  Just reading the ingredient lists and any back story on a dish is enough to send me on a sweet sugary high coupled with great food photos.  I can just smell the orange syrup burnt in that pan.

3.  Thoughtfully styled homes.  Decorated on a dime or millions of dimes.  I can’t get enough.


4.  Woody Allen movies, especially Hannah and Her Sisters. Even as a teenager, I would pop in the VHS tape at least every other month to get my fix.

5.  I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks.  Has information that breaks down the components of different styles of dressing, using the author’s own history and features on her friends, but the real gem to me is the breadth of candid fashion photographs from the 50s through the aughts.  It’s so good.
Ahhh… I feel better already!  I hope you found something here to make your own Chocolate Cake Day a bit better too!

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