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Not using the B word

I promise you,  I am not saying I am B@R3D.  I don’t think I have ever dared utter that line since witnessing my mother’s nuclear reaction when my sister complained, “I’m bored,” one summer when we were children.   Big mistake.  “Bored?” mom exploded,  “You’re BORED!?!?”  Yeah, she was definitely doing laundry for a day or two after that scenario.   And I must say, now my sister is kind of compulsive about her piles of clean and folded clothes.  I wonder if there is a connection???

It’s been a beautiful spring so far.  We explored Kauai in April and Portland in May, both for the first time and enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Work’s going well, both of our parents and siblings are healthy and we have some plans lined up through the summer and fall with relatives.  Am very good at setting aside time to see friends. I have maintained a consistent fitness routine for several months, and signed up for a 101 workshop to help me become more confident with my inconsistent yoga practice.  I have even found a way of upping the ante on my re-emerging late night eating habits  in order to keep it interesting:  cold roasted shrimp with chili ketchup, ginger snap sandwiches with creamy frozen bananas, or grilled pbj & salami sandwiches with cilantro pesto and brie (yes- all in one sandwich.  try it, it’s kind of amazing).  I’ve done my seasonal closet purge and started my hauls to Out of the Closet. Tried my hand at doing origami…  a little stressful…  not so relaxing, but certainly interesting.  Caught up on my email, made some  cards for friends, actually mailed said cards and even ordered gifts for upcoming kids’ birthday celebrations.  Everything is definitely NOT in order, there is always SOMETHING to do.  Something always needs to get done, and will likely not.  I want to rearrange  some furniture, but I can hardly imagine emptying out the bookcase much less refurbishing it!  But I can’t help it.  I am looking for something else to do.

When this happens, I put myself in different scenarios. One can learn a bit about where the creative mind wants to go, and help it move ahead or simply humor oneself if only for a moment.  Yes, people, this is all in my head.  I can’t be the only one who does this, but if you think  I am, you should try it some time too!  It sure beats the B word.  Here are a few places I have pictured myself just today.  Where will you go?

I sat in that yellow chair for their meeting looking like Baroness Von Blixen on safari.
Dressed as Penelope Pitstop, I sped around in this.
Swinging in the garden.  Perhaps Emma Woodhouse will drop by with a cryptic love note for my review.
Just me and Boyfriend…  that’s all I need here.


Featured Photo: Bored little girl c/o Flickr


  1. Anonymous says

    This is so cute! I love that you are able to recognize what you need to do and are setting out to do it and not stressing out if things don't get done. We all need to reach that point.

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