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A Revelation!

The universe really amazes me sometimes.  Here I am, trying to put my life’s focus in a new direction, and feeling completely afraid and incompetent in the process.  I can’t help but think, “I am soooo late to the blogging party, but I have something to say, don’t I?” There’s some kind of angle or voice I have.  I definitely am my own best audience, but is anything I think or say relevant (and most importantly helpful or inspiring) to anyone else?   I admire and read read read so many of the incredibly stylish blogs out there thinking that though I am crafty, appreciate art,  like to cook and  shop for clothes, I am by no means in any position to be giving advice or breaking ground in the aesthetics/ entertaining/ girl-can-do-it-all department.  And then I stumbled upon Ez’s post at Creature Comforts ….  and here I am tonight.

I adore the gold flecked and frilly world of lifestyle blogs.  I will never stop my love affair with them.  They’ve helped me improve the quality of my own life, through uplifting life management pieces, healthy recipes, budget strategies, travel tips, and features on home decor and party planning.  I would be one of thousands (millions maybe?) of people crying myself to sleep if one day they all disappeared.  They inspire.  They romanticize. They allow me to escape into a world where handcrafted throw pillows and embossed wallpaper are always on trend and homes smell like a wickedly delicious combo of ocean front beach bungalow and vanilla bean cupcakes (though I don’t know how on earth those two scents could ever co-exist, but in my lifestyle fantasy world, they do).How validating it is to know that this picture perfect world of blogging (at least the blogs I read) is just that, picture perfect, a tad air brushed if you will.  In the same way that models admit that in reality they don’t look like their magazine selves (though I suspect even their ‘real’ everyday faces still don’t involve the same amount of concealer and pore erasers than mine – I mean seriously, have you ever seen a supermodel age badly?),  Jess, Ez and a number of other brave bloggers assured me in their recent blogger challenge that nobody’s lives are 24/7 Pinterest perfect.  I must say, it is encouraging to know from their posts and their readers’ comments that I don’t need to have champagne filled overseas getaways and proper vintage luggage (leather of course!) in order to be interesting on the blogosphere, or any sphere, I suppose.  I was convinced that my life isn’t fascinating compared to all of these meticulously curated web-worlds.  Well, it is true, it isn’t as fascinating… but it never occurred to me to think that it doesn’t have to be.

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  1. I have to say, I find the rise of the lifestyle blogs interesting, but a bit challenging for those of us who just want to write and connect. I came to the blogging game via other personal bloggers (before lifestyle blogging was so popular), so I feel much more comfortable in the world of words than of pretty shiny pictures (though don't get me wrong, I love me some Pinterest). I think we all have stories and perspectives to share, and THAT'S what I'm looking for.

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