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Chocolate Cake Day

I think it is time to reintroduce Chocolate Cake Day to my  calendar, like a special SURPRISE day once a month, or once a week, depending on need.  At the second job I ever had, one of the head teachers would sit with us in between the morning and afternoon sessions and say, “Hmmmm is it a chocolate cake day?”  That was a signal to the rest of the crew that a) It was a shit day and b) We need to be rewarded dammit!  Chocolate cake day also meant that however bad the morning was, we weren’t alone, it was okay to be crabby, but in the end, we had to all power through it.  So yes, I say, it is time to bring back Chocolate Cake Day.  Not more shit days, just more acknowledgments of powering through those sh*t days.

At my current job, we have “pat on the back awards”  which are simply little shout outs that the teachers write to each other for anything from helping out with a difficult child, to clearing out one’s supply closet, to assisting in the writing of a report.  I then rationalized to a friend at work that maybe we needed to do a PAT OURSELVES ON THE BACK potluck.  Let’s give ourselves our own shout outs, I say!  Come together, bring a dish to share and tell ourselves that we do good work, we like what we do, and because we are so fabulous, we should celebrate in our tiny faculty room while the substitute teachers watch the kids sleep!

Sometimes acknowledging that I am having a “chocolate cake day” stops me from crying in the art closet, or collapsing in front of our table of stale leftover snack.  When did we stop allowing ourselves to admit that the kids are kicking our asses?  What is it with the need to stay so calm, so perfect?  Sometimes on chocolate cake day I don’t even want to eat chocolate cake.  I want to throw the cake across the room or squish my hands into it (heavy on the icing please) and smear it on a white upholstered sofa (just not the one in my apartment… oh wait, it’s slipcovered…. on second thought….)

Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee!!!

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