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Bibliographies and Unoriginal Thoughts

When was the last time you wrote a bibliography?  A proper one… APA format and all?  This afternoon over my limp Amy’s bean and cheese burrito (yes, still too lazy/ disorganized to pack my own lunch) I listened in as three coworkers discussed the merits of  KINDLE vs. iPAD vs. NOOK.  Oh you can get free books on Amazon with this one, blah blah blah….  “Yeah, you know where else you can get free books?”  I teased my friend,  “The LIBRARY!!!!”
The conversation took a few twists and related turns, leading to one of the Grateful Dead era loving teachers saying she looks for books using a card catalog, not a search engine.   We then sadly admitted not having any idea how to source comments and write bibliographies anymore.  Granted, most of the reading we do on a daily basis is more of the board book than text book variety, so the pressure is sort of off for now.  In any case, My friend said, “You know, when I was younger and had a hard time writing footnotes, I just kind of told my teacher that the thought was just mine!”  Certainly that must’ve taken some convincing, although in fairness I used to do that too.  It made me think, don’t all thoughts take root from someone else’s idea?  A book we read, a comment overheard, or a lecture attended?  Don’t all ideas in essence come from someone, who heard it from someone, who took it on as their own belief?  Aren’t we all to some extent running around with unoriginal thoughts?  Or conversely, are all thoughts and ideas reincarnated into those that are turned and tweaked into something rightfully our own?  So that way we are justified in believing they are originally ours?
On that note, I leave with this statement lifted from the blog Make Under My Life.  This for sure I am thankful to have read, and I will no doubt turn and tweak it so that I may better remember and express it to somebody else.  It resonates with how I have felt as of late.  Note to self:  must learn how to properly source from another blog/ create a link to actual post….  so I guess I do still see the power of proper footnotes…..

“when we take a leap of faith on something we feel so inwardly compelled to do, we must not assume that the outcome will always be easy. But once we make that shift, we can expect ourselves to rise to the occasion and bring the outcome we seek to fruition.”   
–from make under my life (post:  lesson learned – being a pilgrim takes work)

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