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A girl’s gotta amuse herself

So here I am, the girl who won’t join FB, now starting my own blog. I am a blog addict. I sit up late at night reading, clicking, reading, searching, and clicking some more after gaining inspiration from a new recipe, an appealing photo, or ridiculously awesome entertaining idea.

Every day more information, every day something new I learn that I probably will not use.I know that my favorite blogs are written by creative chicks who have a theme- cooking, decorating, crafting, travelling, shopping, thrifting, or party planning. I dabble (or rather dribble) in a bit of all, except for the thrifting, although one of my favorite things is seeing women who appoint their homes so meticulously with the reckless abandon needed to use something “from the attic”, “the flea”, or “found in an alley and re-purposed.”I am a journal writer. I have kept journals over the years, sometimes writing daily, even hourly, but lately, monthly if I am lucky. This is why I am today, finally, jumping out of my comfort zone and starting a blog as a way for me to keep track of thoughts, ideas, experiences, or even my moods using a format that I can follow and organize more easily. Plus, a girl’s gotta amuse herself. This blog is for me. Seriously, it is. I just want to be able to bookmark and keep track of pics and other things I read on the net and easily access it all while I continue keeping a journal for my own amusement. I don’t think I have anything particularly important or revolutionary to say. In fact, I am just like every other girl out there in one way or another. Aren’t we all? Aren’t we all “every woman” in at least some aspect? If you think about it I am sure you too realize how very alike we girls really are. I say ‘girls’ because let’s face it, we are all staying younger longer, and I think all of the anti aging, purifying, rejuvenating and lash extending we do have actually made us believe we are still closer to 13 than 30 in more ways than one.So here I go! Let the blogging begin. Hoping to get to know myself again, even if nobody reads this.


  1. Great goals! Doesn't it feel good to write all those thoughts down and then push post? I like going back and seeing what I thought was cool a couple years earlier. I am enjoying reading your insights on life! Keep up your digital journaling!

  2. My 'what we ate' posts are totally just as a bookmark for myself. It's easier to look back on my blog and see what we liked instead of coming up with new meal plans!

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